University of Bucharest Review was founded in 1999 and has been a constant presence on the Romanian academic scene ever since. Over the past seventeen years, the forty-two issues of this Journal of Literary and Cultural Studies have published papers delivered at the international conference of the English Department at the University of Bucharest, a traditional academic event which takes place every year in early June. Recent issues bearing such subtitles as Fictions of Nature, Genres and Historicity, Durability and Transience, Writing the Self, or Modernity: The Crisis of Value and Judgment have focused on topics from the fields of critical theory, literary criticism, social anthropology, British, American and Canadian cultural studies, translatology, comparative literature, the study of nationalism and postcommunism.

We have always encouraged all contributors to approach these topics in an unbiased and open manner, so that their papers would reflect the current controversies on the role of literature in the humanities and in society at large, the contentious relationship between cultural theory and cultural practice, the unstable balance between centre and margin, the elusive nature of truth, the fluctuations of cultural identities, norms and values in today’s world, regarded both as a global village and as a cluster of competing local cultures. We are happy to have had the opportunity to publish contributions by both junior and established scholars from European, American, Middle Eastern, and Australian universities and we hope to expand our harvesting of research even more.

For the past six years, University of Bucharest Review is available online at http://ubr.rev.unibuc.ro/ to open access to our current and past issues. We are confident the electronic edition can only add to the academic interest our printed version has already sparked off and increase our reach exponentially. You can find details about our journal in the international databases and directories below.


UBR has been graded a B category review by the National Commission for Research Evaluation. The journal publishes two issues per year. Our ISSN is: 2069 – 8658.

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