2021 Issue 1

VOLUME XI, NUMBER 1 (new series)

Revisiting the Past, Narrating War Memories: Retelling the Falklands War in A Soldier’s Song
Andrea Roxana Bellot (andrearoxana.bellot@urv.cat)
Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona; Spain.
doi: 10.31178/UBR.11.1.1

Between Transmission and Silence: Recovering Harki Memories in The Art of Losing
Joanna Ducey (jgducey@bu.edu)
Boston University, Massachusetts; USA.
doi: 10.31178/UBR.11.1.2

Spectres of Memory in the Works of Ismail Kadare
Soham Mukherjee; Madhumita Roy (soham.rs2019@hss.iiests.ac.in; mroy@hss.iiests.ac.in)
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences; IIEST, Shibpur, India.
doi: 10.31178/UBR.11.1.3

Public Performance of Private Interviews: Reinserting the Self into the Family Narrative
Alina Predescu (c.alin.escu@berkeley.edu)
University of California, Berkeley; USA.
doi: 10.31178/UBR.11.1.4

Nostalgia for the Soviet Past in the Mass Historical Consciousness of Modern Russians
Vladislav Kokoulin (kwladislaw@yandex.ru)
Siberian University of Consumer Cooperatives, Novosibirsk; Russia.
doi: 10.31178/UBR.11.1.5

John Pomfret’s “The Choice”, or (Re)Inventing Empire
Florina Năstase (fnastase60@yahoo.com)
‘Alexandru Ioan Cuza’ University of Iaşi; Romania.
doi: 10.31178/UBR.11.1.6

“What Ghosts are Haunting us Today?” Slavoj Žižek’s The Relevance of the Communist Manifesto in Post-Pandemic Capitalist Realism. The Revolutionary Subject and Work
Vlad-Eugen Neagu (vlad-eugen.neagu@drd.unibuc.ro)
University of Bucharest; Romania.
doi: 10.31178/UBR.11.1.7

Rewriting Girlhood. Ambiguous Bodies in Contemporary American Visual Arts: Sally Mann’s At Twelve
Ileana Botescu-Sireteanu (ileana_si@yahoo.com)
Transilvania University of Brasov; Romania.
doi: 10.31178/UBR.11.1.8

Revisiting Popular Bengali Folklores to Re-imagine the Past and Engage with the Present: Gun Island and the Tribulations of Climate Change
Roohi Huda (roohi@bracu.ac.bd)
School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Brac University, Dhaka; Bangladesh.
doi: 10.31178/UBR.11.1.9

Cosmopolitanism and Planetary Studies: Paradigms for Rewriting the Past
Letitia Guran (Iguran@live.unc.edu)
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; USA.
doi: 10.31178/UBR.11.1.10

Book Review. CLAIRE CHAMBERS. Making Sense of Contemporary British Muslim Novels (2019)
Saleh Chaoui (schaoui14@gmail.com)
University of Debrecen; Hungary.