2014 Issue 1

VOLUME IV, NUMBER 1 (new series)

Travelling between Cultures in the Classic Modernity
Mihaela Irimia (mihaela.l.irimia@gmail.com)
University of Bucharest, Romania

“You Have to Melt It to Hear the Talk”: Transnationalism, Creole Stylization and Aurality in Sam Selvon’s The Lonely Londoners
Dorottya Mozes (dorottya.mozes@gmail.com)
Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary

“They Always Kill With Wire”: Indonesian Adaptations of American Cinema in The Act of Killing (Dir. Joshua Oppenheimer, 2012)
Mihaela Precup (mihaelaprecup@gmail.com)
University of Bucharest, Romania

Writing the Self Beyond the Nation-State: The Transnationalism of Olaudah Equiano’s Narrative
Silvia Schultermandl (silvia.schultermandl@uni-graz.at)
University of Graz, Austria

Accomodation and Othering: Transnational Premediation in the Modernist Epics “The Waste Land” and Ulysses
Ioana Zirra (ioana.zirra@gmail.com)
University of Bucharest, Romania

Circulating Texts in the Renaissance: Simon Patericke’s Translation of Anti-Machiavel and the Fortunes of Gentillet in England
Alis Zaharia (oanaalispopescu@yahoo.com)
“Dimitrie Cantemir” University, Romania

Contrasting Modes of Cross-Cultural Allusion in the Poetry of David Jones and Ezra Pound
Martin Potter (martingbrpv@gmail.com)
University of Bucharest, Romania

Don Juan’s Trans-Mediterranean, Transatlantic and Transtextual Journeys: Latin and Anglo-Saxon (Con)Fusions
Lucia Opreanu (luciaopreanu@yahoo.com)
“Ovidius” University of Constanţa, Romania

“Seeking, Finding a Home”: Configurations of Transnational Identity in Shanta Acharya’s Dreams that Spell the Light (2010)
Elena Nistor (elena_nistor@yahoo.com)
University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest, Romania

From English Poetry to American Song: Remediating William Blake into the Psychedelic Musical Beat of the ‘60s
Andreea Paris (andreea.parispopa@yahoo.com)
University of Bucharest, Romania

The Transnational Dimension of Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor as Adapted into Opera by Ritter and Dittersdorf
Alina Bottez (alinabottez@gmail.com)
University of Bucharest, Romania

The Transnationalism of Salman Rushdie: From a Contrapuntal to a Metamorphic Reading of History
Roxana Doncu (roxana.doncu@umfcd.ro)
“Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Romania

Travelling Nations, Travelling Cultures: Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell as Liminal Tourists
Marcel Inhoff (inhoff@bwinf.de)
Bonn University, Germany

Book Review

Marie-Laure Ryan and Jan-Noël Thon. Storyworlds across Media: Toward a Media-Conscious Narratology. University of Nebraska Press, 2014
Dragoş Manea (dc_manea@yahoo.com)
University of Bucharest, Romania