2019 Issue 1

VOLUME IX, NUMBER 1 (new series)

The Representation and Overcoming of Perpetrator Trauma in Rachel Seiffert’s Afterwards
Paula Romo-Mayor (paularmg@unizar.es)
Universidad de Zaragoza; Spain

Autofiction, Colonial Massacres and the Politics of Memory
Hywel Dix (HDix@bournemouth.ac.uk)
Bournemouth University; UK

Aesthetic Means of Ethical Engagement in Rithy Panh’s The Missing Picture
Alina Predescu (alina.predescu@gmail.com)
University of California, Berkeley; USA

Childhood Trauma in Maya Angelou’s Autobiographical Fiction – Abuse and Displacement
Nina Roşcan (ninaroscan@yahoo.com)
University of Bucharest; Romania

“Daddy, can’t you see we are burning?” Traumatic Time and Parental Responsibility in Kenneth Lonergan’s Manchester by the Sea
Lona Moutafidou (kmoutafidou@enl.auth.gr)
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; Greece; The University of New York, Prague; Czech Republic

Melancholia Becomes Electric: The Dead Mother as Prophetess of Revolution in Blok’s “Шаги Командора”
Timothy Williams (twilliams@wa.amu.edu.pl)
Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan; Poland

Re-framing the Spanish Civil War as ‘Cultural Trauma’: When Responsibilities Get Blurred After Violence
Rafael Baquero (rafaelperbaq@gmail.com)
University of Murcia; Spain

The “Passing Clouds” of Nationalism in Anthea Nicholson and Kapka Kassabova: Cross-Border Recollection of Political Trauma
Petya Tsoneva Ivanova (petyatzoneva@hotmail.com)
St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo; Bulgaria

The Parish and the World in Irish Poetry
Bernard O’Donoghue (bernard.odonoghue@ell.ox.ac.uk )
Emeritus Fellow, Wadham College, University of Oxford; UK

Book Review: Crossing the Borders of the East – Ivanova, Petya Tsoneva. Negotiating Borderlines in Four Contemporary Migrant Writers from the Middle East
Ayham Abu Orouq (ayham.abuorooq@arts.unideb.hu)
University of Debrecen; Hungary